wine bottle glass

Get it here!

If you’re an alcoholic, or just a regular wine addict – you should definitely get this wine bottle glass! I don’t know about you, but I’m always tired of these glasses that don’t fit enough wine, beer, liquor or anything else for your own taste. If we’re going out, we want to get hammered as fast as possible. Refilling cups? Just a waste of valuable drinking time. Let me tell you one thing: these days are over!

Okay, what is this?

Well, Captain Obvious calling: this wine bottle glass is just a bottle of wine – with a glass on top of it. Why pour your expensive Bordeaux or Chardonnay in a separate glass, when you can just sip it from the bottle? Exactly. So once we got that sorted out, you can enjoy 750ml (I don’t know the dumb US sizes for that…maybe 1 7/8 gallons?! Don’t care…) of the finest liquids you can get (works with Kool-Aid as well).

Why should I get this Wine Bottle Glass?

Cause it’s cool. And you want to be cool as well. Admit it. Nerd.

And if I want to pause drinking?

Well, then you suck. No, sorry…you suck even more. But apart from that, you can just take a normal cork of a wine bottle and put it into the wine bottle glass and surprise – it’s closed. You should also clean it from time to time (just like yourself).

Give me another reason to buy this wine bottle glass!

Hey, it’s cheap. You can get loads of them without having to get a credit or something. Also, you will be cool. Not as cool as me, but still quite OK. As you’ve found your way to this website, you must be a big nerd (I know you guys). So to prevent complete social isolation, get this f***ing wine bottle glass and BAM – welcome to society!