fake moustaches

Get them here!

These Fake Moustaches should be in every f***in drawer in your house if you plan to invite friends over for a “party” as young people nowadays would call it. No matter which era of this weird mankind we’re dealing with you want to represent, this fake moustaches collection can cover them all. Feel like bragging around with your intellect like Albert What’s-he-called? Put on the “Smarty” Moustache. Want to show off in front of the girls (as if your lame-ass party had any)? Put on the “Casanova” Moustache and you’re all set. Want to just rip off your clothes and PARTY HARD??! The “Partyboy” moustache is the best of the fake moustaches for you!

How do these fake moustaches work?

Duh? They’re self adhesive, so every village idiot can out them on by just glueing them under your nose (and above your lips of course). If you’re still having trouble putting on these fake moustaches, you should seriously have your brains checked for stupidity of some sort.

How much do they cost?

Not much – they are actually just around five dollars per set. Pretty inexpensive, these fake moustaches.

How many fake moustaches will I get?

CAN YOU READ? YES? OK, I calm down. There are 12 fake moustaches in one set. Got it?

Who should buy them?

Well, if you’re a little highschool nerd with no real beard hair on you then this is the perfect gift for you. Instant moustache (for the ladies)! Also, if you’re a woman and want to be able to drive a car or get your engineering study-work done, you should get these fake moustaches as well and you’re all set. It’s basically instant testosterone for all you out there! Well, what are you waiting for? You know you need these, don’t you? Do it!