bullshit button

Get it here!

Calling Bullshit on something has never been so easy! You just need to get this Bullshit Button and have it right in front of you. Whenever someone tells you some random crap, you can just hit the button and let others know what you think of their talking.

What’s the Bullshit Button?

Well, it’s basically a giant button. A giant red button. You push it, and a bullshit siren will go off. Sound, you know? I mean OK, it’s not the most complex product to be had on the market, but it’s just insanely beautiful for what it is.

What are Use Cases of the Bullshit Button?

There are so many use cases to imagine for this bullshit button! Below I want to give you some great cases where this bullshit button will come in so extremely handy:

  • Are you working in Marketing? Are you also tired of all these consultants or sales people trying to sell you anything with their typical way of talking? Well, we call that bullshit bingo. Imagine your next meeting with this bullshit button with you. Awesome, isn’t it?
  • Your girlfriend comes home after seeing a movie with a friend of hers, and she keeps on pretending they’re “just friends”. Yeah, sure. With benefits I guess? BULLSHIT BUTTON!
  • Working in IT? If you’re one of these inhouse IT admins that have to tell their beloved colleagues to “try turning it off and on again”, you probably have the highest bullshit ratio to handle in the industry. First – we feel your pain. Second: if you get calls from people who don’t understand sh** about computers…BULLSHIT BUTTON!

Okay, so I guess you got my point. This little gadget definitely is a “thing I need” cause I can people tell them what I think about their opinion without actually saying anything.