bill clinton corkscrew

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Bill Clinton is ready to “screw” your bottles with this realistically placed Bill Clinton corkscrew.

Why a “Bill Clinton Corkscrew”?

Remember Monica Lewinsky? Remember the whole thing that went on during the 90s in the White House? Well, there used to be a prezed…prezide…president there we go that ruled the country throughout that decade. And there also was an intern called Monica Lewinsky – a little on the chubby side in my opinion, but up for anything a president could wish for during long office hours. Well, they both had some kind of fun during that era and this put them in all kinds of trouble (especially Bill). This is why this Bill Clinton Corkscrew actually makes sense!

What to do with this Bill Clinton Corkscrew?

Okay, for the slow ones: While this is also a miniature statue of the former president, it’s also a corkscrew. Corkscrews like this Bill Clinton Corkscrew are used to open wine bottles (works with white wine, red wine AND rose!). You put it in the cork, turn it around a few times, make sure it fits tight and pull. Pull very hard. And BAM – your bottle is open! You should practice this though before doing it in public. There’s only a few things in the world that could be more humiliating than failing at opening a wine bottle. And you will fail, I know that (and you do, too).

Why should I buy this Bill Clinton Corkscrew?

Well, I think it’s just awesome! And it’s only around 11 dollars, so it is pretty cheap as well. Seriously, before you spend that amount of money on a regular corkscrew or bottle opener, you could as well have this Bill Clinton corkscrew and prove that you are awesome. Do you want to be awesome? Yes, you do. We all do. Buy it.