Random Digits Book

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A Random Digits Book? We all have this problem from time to time: We need a certain number and can’t find one. Those days are over – with this book you can get a million random digits for any situation you might come into. One could only complain that they don’t come sorted, but hey – still a great bargain!

Can you give me examples?

Well, I’m not keen on playing Captain Obvious here, but of course I am happy to give you some examples of random digits that might be included in this book (not guaranteed though!): 345, 4545, 987, 51, 8, 290, 8723, 9876, 6, 9, 65, 44, 8562, 124, 2675, 38, 6762, 8887, 762, and so on. I hope these are enough for you guys as a start – I can come up with more, but I’ll have to look them up in the million random digits book first obviously.

How to use this Random Digits Book?

Well, it’s kinda easy. Imagine you’re in your first years of school and need some help with maths. You have a homework to do which you just can’t find the right number to answer the questions for. Well, just browse the random digits book and you might find exactly the number you were looking for! Of course it’s kinda hard to use at the start – you can kinda compare it to Wikipedia. You will have to hit the “Random Article” button a couple of times before you will have found what you were looking for. But hey – nothing is for free in this world and you have to work hard, right?